Hello everyone! This post idea came from the Student Blogging Challenge. It’s about my avatar. This is my avatar. My avatar looks a lot like me.

I made it on a website. I have short brown hair like the avatar. I’m surprised they had my exact hairstyle. My eyes are actually a little bit browner than the avatars but they didn’t have another option that wasn’t completely brown. The hair, the nose, and everything else looks the same.

I’m wearing a dark green hoodie for a couple reasons. For one, it matches the eyes, I also really like that color. I have a couple hoodies that are the same color, and they look like that. I like to be in the woods and that is a color that matches the woods.

The only thing that I don’t like about my avatar is that it looks a little bit like anime. I don’t like how anime looks. But otherwise, I really like my avatar.

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