I created this picture of an owl.

I love owls. They are the best animals ever. They have been my favorite animal for as long as I can remember. I think they became my favorite animal because my first stuffed animal that I ever got was an owl. I’m not sure, but I think that it was also the first thing that I ever owned. My grandma gave it to me when I was born. It was named Mr. Owl after the tootsie pop commercial with Mr. Owl in it. It had a voice box in it and it would hoot when I squeezed it. But, over the years, the battery died. So now, it doesn’t work. We have sewed in a couple of new voice boxes before, but it is still dead. So, I chose an owl because I love owls.

I made the picture using two different websites, I got the picture from a website called Unsplash. Unsplash is a collection of images that is free for public use. Then, I edited the picture using LunaPic. You can edit pictures using LunaPic. I have made a couple of pictures. I made this one by taking the picture, giving it a  grey border, and giving it harsh lighting. The harsh lighting made it look like the picture was drawn. I think it’s cool. Why don’t you make one?

Here are some more websites that you can use to make images. Try them out!

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