This is my deer skull.

Do you like to hunt? I love to hunt. It is my favorite outdoor activity. I like to fish too, but hunting is a lot better. I like to hunt anything. I like to rabbit hunt, deer hunt, squirrel hunt, pheasant hunt, and anything else.

My favorite thing to hunt is deer. The first deer I killed was a buck with six points, which means it was male and that there were six spikes on the antlers. I shot it with a crossbow. We have a big brown barn and there is a field behind the barn and woods behind the field. My dad and I set up a deer stand by the field and we sat there waiting for a deer. Waiting was boring but it was thrilling watching the deer walk around. Usually, when you shoot a deer it runs away and you have to find it. But, when I shot it, it dropped dead immediately. It just fell down. Somehow I paralyzed it when I shot it. I still have the arrow that I shot It with.

The reason that I had to get a deer skull and I couldn’t get it mounted was because my dad took too long to turn it in and it rotted too much. Which stinks because I think mounts are cooler.

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